MMA Quick Preview: Brawl In The Burgh Doubleheader

By Larry Snyder

Monroeville, Pa. – After the success of two Brawl in the Burgh fight cards in November 2020, Ryan Middleton and his 247 Fighting Championships promotion return to the Monroeville Convention Center, Saturday, May 22nd, with a doubleheader of Mixed Martial Arts matches.

Middleton, along with matchmaker Jim Mooney, has eight quality bouts set for Brawl in the Burgh 6 with the first bell at 1:00 p.m. and another eight prime meetings for Brawl in the Burgh 7, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tickets purchases are possible at the 247 FC website. Both events have online pay-per-view scheduled here if you can not attend in person. Pittsburgh’s undefeated amateur middleweight Cole Macek will be part of the broadcast team.

=Brawl In The Burgh 6 Card=

Pro Main Event: Ethan Goss (Petersburg, PA) Vs. Matt Gaffney (Saul Prairie, WI) – 150 lbs

Pro Co-Main Event: Trenton Zdarko (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. Ken Hunt (Detroit, MI) – 175 lbs

Amateur Bouts:

247 Bantamweight Championship – Justin Patton (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. Cameron Allgeier (Pittsburgh, PA) – 135 lbs

Edwin Vera (Bronx, NY) Vs. Juan Avila (Lake County, IL) – 155 lbs

Jarrion Manning (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. Mike Kocjancic (Kane, PA) – 185 lbs

Mante’ Barnes (Altoona, PA) Vs. Steven Lakes (Lockport, NY) – 175 lbs

Taylor Cahill (Somerset, PA) Vs. Gabriel Tellez (Round Lake, IL) – 165 lbs

Josh Olsen (McKeesport, PA) Vs. Julian Reza (Danbury, CT) – 170 lbs

BITB Six Quotes: Ethan Goss discussed what he is expecting from his opponent with John Brennan on the MMA Tee Company YouTube channel, “I am pretty much expecting Gaffney to come in…I think he is going to be shot heavy…I think he is going to push forward in the first round.”

Justin Patton spoke with Clay Glover on Facebook about his backround, “I was always thought to be a grappler, but apparently now everyone calls me a striker all of a sudden! I’m truly comfortable in both spots.”

Taylor Cahill commented on his debut at the 247 FC website, “The opportunity to pursue a mixed martial arts career has been the focal point of every decision I have made in my life. I am unbelievably focused.”

=Brawl In The Burgh 7 Card=

Pro Main Event: Ethan Hayes (Preston County, WV) Vs. John Ramirez (Waterloo, Iowa) – 150 lbs

Pro Co-Main Event: Jacob Lowry (Lower Burrell, PA) Vs. Tony Charles (San Jose, CA) – 185 lbs

Pro Bout: Chaka Worthy (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. Mike Johnson (Detroit, MI) – 135 lbs

Amateur Bouts:

Marcus Williamson (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. Damon Morosko (Massillon, OH) – 170 lbs

Chris Huselton (Butler, PA) Vs. Jeff Reed (Holidaysburg, PA) – 205 lbs

Cody Gamble (Scio, OH) Vs. Tim McFarland (Taylor, MI) – 265 lbs

Jermaine Moye (Rochester, PA) Vs. Terell Brittingham (Bridgevile, DE) – 200 lbs

Justin Pippens (Pittsburgh, PA) Vs. David Krouse (Berlin, PA) – 265 lbs

BITB Seven Quotes: Ethan Hayes talked with David McKinney at about the look of an undefeated record against the importance of competing, “It does somewhat, nobody wants to lose in front of their people. I’m not scared to lose at all. I feel like all my opponents so far could have beaten me. I just beat them to the kill, that’s what I’m going for the whole fight.”

Chaka Worthy chatted with John Brennan on the MMA Tee Company YouTube channel about his preparation, “As far as what I really wanted to work on in this camp…a couple of different things…always trying to get faster and always trying to get stronger…so I spent more time in the weight room.”

Jermaine Moye told Paul Zeise of the about making his debut in the cage, “This is just something new. I won’t know what it is like until I do it, but I’ve competed my whole life so it won’t much different I’m sure.”

Make Your Bets: Fans can place wagers for the first time on 247 FC match-ups. Anyone can start an account by emailing

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