Fight News 2019 – Looking Back At An Incredible Night Of Pro Boxing At Carnegie Of Homestead Music Hall

July 2019 – Photo Courtesy Of Brian Whan And Youngstown Boxing News – All Rights Reserved

By Larry Snyder

Homestead, Pa. – Local followers of the Sweet Science enjoyed compelling battles Saturday, July 13, as Michael McSorley and his Integrity Fighter Management LLC crew assembled another evening of topflight boxing at the 121-year-old Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead.

Lyubomyr Pinchuk of Pittsburgh’s Conn-Greb Boxing Club claimed the vacant American Boxing Federation’s Continental Americas Cruiserweight crown with a majority decision after eight rounds over Sarasota, Florida’s hard-hitting southpaw Johnnie Langston.

Pinchuk and the 29-year-old Langston blasted one another with ferocious shots, pushing the limits of the other’s endurance. But it was the 23-year-old Ukrainian who collected the most points on two out of three judges’ scorecards (77-75, 77-75, 76-76) to pick up the victory. The two combatants each bled from facial cuts from the third round on, but they were not adequately severe to place either warrior in jeopardy.

Neither pugilist suffered a knockdown as they both demonstrated to the fans their unlimited reserve of heart, intelligence, and unswerving grit. Pinchuk advanced his record to 11-1-1 with seven knockouts while Langston sustained his first loss, leaving the Steel City with a 7-1-0 mark and three knockouts.

Matt Antonucci, the consummate in-ring announcer for Integrity Fighter Management LLC, spoke with me about this outstanding matchup and said, “It was one of the best fights I have ever seen in Pittsburgh. This clash has to be in the running for the City of Bridge’s Fight of the Year.”

Deborah Carbone, one of boxing’s finest photographers and who was at Carnegie Music Hall, is impressed by Pinchuk. She told me, “He starts at a pace and maintains it the whole way through the fight, and the punches get stronger as the fight goes on. Lyubomyr is gonna be your world champion no doubt in my mind.”

July 2019 – Courtesy Of Conn-Greb Boxing Club and Integrity Fighter Management LLC

Another vacant ABF title, the Continental Americas Super Bantamweight belt, stayed in the Burgh as Oleg Dovhun (9-0-0, 2 KO’s) of the Conn-Greb Boxing Club stopped everything Vincent Jennings (6-8-0, 4 KO’s) from Kentwood, Michigan attempted in the ring.

The 25-year-old from Eastern Europe’s Ukraine assembled a skillful and convincing unanimous decision over eight rounds as the judges saw it 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73 in favor of Dovhun. Veteran boxing writer Samuel McKibben thinks “there has to be a big fight just around the corner in this young knight’s future.”

McSorley of the Conn-Greb Boxing Club and Integrity Fighter Management LLC talked with me about Pinchuk and Dovhun. He said, “I’m proud of my fighters. We put hard time in the gym and it keeps paying off. Oleg boxed beautiful and stayed the course. Lyubo went to war with another undefeated opponent. This was Lyubo’s 4th fight in 5 months so he gets a well deserved rest. People are calling him “the Jack Lambert of Pittsburgh Boxing” and I feel it’s justified. You won’t fight a tougher fighter anywhere.”

July 2019 – Courtesy Of Conn-Greb Boxing Club and Integrity Fighter Management LLC

Alliance, Ohio’s Ryizeemmion Ford quickly brought his second career victory to fruition at 1:27 of the first round over 29-year-old Shawn Rall (0-3-0) from Cleveland. The 26-year-old lightweight (2-0-0, 2 KO’s) hit a devastating body blow that did not permit Rall to rise after dropping to a knee. Antonucci rated Ford’s tremendous shot to the abdomen as the best individual performance of the evening.

Danny Rosenberger controlled the four rounds of his Super Welterweight bout with a steady stream of crisp, effective jabs as he reaped a unanimous decision against Pittsburgh’s Justin Johnson (6-21-0). The 29-year-old from Youngstown, Ohio tallied scores of 39-35, 38-36, 40-36 from the judges. Rosenberger (6-7-4, 1 KO) talked with Brian Whan of Youngstown Boxing News, “I didn’t feel like I was really warmed up until the end of the second round.”

Quick Results From The Remainder Of Carnegie Music Hall Card:

Super Middleweight – Darryl Bunting (4-5-2, 2 KO’s) of Marietta, Georgia WINS By TKO At 2:25 Of Round Three Over Latiss Norman (3-4-0, 2 KO’s) of East Cleveland, Ohio.

Lightweight – Kelvin Smith (2-2-0, 1 KO) of Pittsburgh WINS By Unanimous Decision Over Edward Hatler (1-1-0, 0 KO’s) of Corydon, Indiana. (Judge’s Cards 39-36, 39-36, 40-36)

Heavyweight – Randy Wachacha (1-1-0, 1 KO) of Robbinsville, North Carolina WINS By TKO At 2:16 Of Round One Over Michael Manna (3-2-0, 3 KO’s) of Pittsburgh.

Beyond The Ring Clipboard: J.J. Richardson, McSorley’s boxing business partner, was one of two people who received the 2019 Bigs of the Year award for the state of Pennsylvania on Wednesday, July 17, because of his selfless efforts with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. Lacee Ecker and Richardson garnered proclamations from the Allegheny County Council for their actions. Also, members of the City of Pittsburgh Council helped to host the event.

Richardson commented on the BBBSPGH Facebook page, “I’m honored and humbled to receive this recognition from Allegheny County Council and wish to express my gratitude on behalf of my Little Brother and all of the staff and volunteers of BBBSPGH. Every one of them is deserving of thanks and recognition and this Proclamation is a reflection of their hard work and dedication to the cause of mentoring at-risk youth throughout the region.”

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