Grow Your Business With The Going Deep Summit 2.0 In Pittsburgh


By Larry Snyder

Pittsburgh, PA – The call for the foremost and the resourceful to unleash their creative visions and come to the Steel City is almost here. This one-day symposium is hosted by Aaron Watson, Hannah Phillips, Tori Meglio, and the rest of the team at Piper Creative.

Watson talked about the Going Deep Summit 2.0 event on the Piper Creative website, “If you attend, you will meet some of the right people. You will walk away with a new idea. You will understand the world a little bit better. How do I know? I’ve produced 350 interviews with people building the future. They’ve told me what’s coming. I’ve distilled those lessons into one day’s worth of programming. Don’t miss it.”

Piper Creative is your one stop in finding the help you need to assemble your brand’s vital identity with Vlogging, Podcasting, and through LinkedIn. It works with B2B and B2C companies ready to take the next step in growth with aggressive strategy and analysis.

The event is Saturday, March 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Factory Unlocked, 720 E Lacock Street on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. The inaugural conference in 2018 drew more than 180 people through the doors. Crucial topics include leadership, accountability, business management, marketing, and branding.

Your 2019 Lineup Of Speakers:

Allen Gannett – TrackMaven CEO, Bestselling Author “The Creative Curve

Tammy Thompson – Executive Director of Circles Greater Pittsburgh

Mike Dariano – Head of Insight Delivery at The Waiter’s Pad

Gisele Fetterman – Second Lady of Pennsylvania

Kenny Chen – AI Policy Expert

Chen spoke about Aaron Watson on his Going Deep podcast website, “Every city could use an Aaron Watson, and I’m glad that we have ours in Pittsburgh. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aaron in a variety of capacities over the past three years, and can personally and professionally attest to the impact that his work has generated. He has been a great asset for us as a content partner, speaker, and moderator at our annual Thrival Innovation + Music Festival. Aaron is clearly savvy about a number of emerging technologies, but he also demonstrates just as much passion and care for helping local entrepreneurs and business owners take their endeavors to the next level.”

Let the Going Deep Summit 2.0 help you unleash your imagination and reach for new possibilities now and in the future.

From Aaron Watson’s YouTube Channel – Tammy Thompson will be Speaking at Going Deep Summit 2.0

From Aaron Watson’s YouTube Channel – Kenny Chen is Speaking at the 2019 Going Deep Summit

Top Photo Courtesy Of Aaron Watson And Piper Creative

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